Bali illness

Howard R Lasker hlasker at
Thu Nov 2 07:27:49 EST 2000

Hi Everyone,

The meetings were great and Bali beautiful, which only intensifies the
horror of the Singapore Air news.

We have returned with a much milder problem which I am seeking some
comparative information on.

While at the meetings our son came down with a case of diarrhea and
fever.  It responded to sulfmethoxazole, but the fever (102/103) and
super headache returned as soon as we got back and obviously is not
responding to the continued course of antibiotic.

Malaria has been ruled out, but we are otherwise in the guessing game of
what is it and what will it respond to.  I know there were a few
diagnosed typhoid cases at the Sheraton and we are awaiting results on
that as well.  Has anyone else returned with similar symptoms and if so
has the bug been diagnosed and what is it responding to?

Please respond directly to me.


Howard Lasker

Biological Sciences
University at Buffalo
Buffalo NY 14260

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