phD oportunity

wael zereini w_zereini at
Fri Nov 3 19:07:39 EST 2000

 Dear all,

 iam a jordanian student working on the identification of gorgonians and soft
corals in the Gulf of aqaba (Red Sea). i am looking to complete my higher
education and to attend a ph.D program the comming year. 

 what iam thinking about is to use the molecular biology as a tool for
octocorals taxonmy and establishing a phylogenetic tree. or using molecular
biology to study the basis of 2ry metabolites production by these animals and
the potentiality to produce drugs from their exrtracts.

so please any proffesor concerned in any of the two issues and could
thankfully accept to take me as a student, and in roll me in his team,please
e-mail me.

 thank you in advance all

Wael Al-Zereini

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