How to set up a coral tank

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I agree with James Wiseman that forums such as can be a great source 
of practical information on how to maintain corals in captivity.  Other very 
useful forums are the Reef Central message board:, 
as well as the ReefKeepers listserver (one of the Topica lists...sorry, I 
don't have their main web site address handy at the moment).

While these are not primarily scientific sites but rather groups of hobbyists 
sharing information (much of it anectotal, unfortunately), many of the 
participants on these discussion groups are VERY skilled in reef aquarium 
husbandry.  They might not always know WHY the techniques they use work, but 
often they know what DOES work and what doesn't work.

Also, if you are new to reef aquarium husbandry, I would *highly* recommend 
you get (and study) a copy of "The Reef Aquarium, volume I", by Delbeek and 
Sprung, which I think is about the best, most comprehensive introduction to 
reef aquaium systems and reef aquarium methodology that I have seen.

Also, on my web site I have a brief overview of reef aquarium metholology that 
you might find useful as an introduction.  While this was put together first 
and foremost as a general overview to help my general biology and ecology 
students better understand the reef system we have in one of our teaching 
labs, several folks have e-mailed me to tell me they found it to be quite a 
useful overview.  Go to:  
,then click on the "List of special topics", and go to "The biology and 
methodology of reef aquaria".

I hope this helps.

Bill Capman
Augsburg College
Minneapolis, MN

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>I would encourage you to visit for information on setting up a
>coral tank.  Specifically, our library of articles and online chats on
>setting up reef aquaria (
>The site is geared toward advanced marine hobbiests, but based on your
>request the information there (how to set up a successful reef aquarium "in
>as less technical jargon as possible" sounds just like what you are looking
>Hope this finds you well, and is of some help to you,
>James Wiseman
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>> Hi Everyone
>> Please can anyone help me on "How to set up a coral tank" in as less
>technical jargon as possible. I have to set up an experiment on measuring
>fluorescence from coral zooanthellae so if any one has any info on measuring
>fluorescence using a P.A.M I would be very grateful
>> Thanks
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