How to set up a coral tank

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I suggest you to read
"The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium" Vol. I General
"The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium" Vol. II Cnidarians
"The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium" Vol. III Invertebrates

by Svain A. Fossa and Alf Jacob Nielsen

You can get them directly fromn the publisher at

Birgit Schmettkamp Verlag
Weidenbachweg 6a, D 53332 Bornheim
Tel. 02227/91 22 20, Fax 91 22 21
email: schmettkamp at

The price for each copy is DEM 137/Euro 70,05 (including transportation)

They are not able to accept plastics so they ask you to
transfer via banque 
to account 613098 011    BLZ 380 601 86
Volksbank Bonn Rhein-Sieg SWIFT GENO DE D1 BRS

You may check the books at

I suggest also "The Reef Aquarium" Vols I, II by Julian Sprung and Charles
Price vary from US$ 59.00 to 79.00 
The last time I checked prices, the better choice was at

This series of books contain a lot of information. The MRCA have lots of
scientific data which you may need to evaluate if setting up an
experimental model where you need to consider a lot of parameters and
variables affecting the entire experiment.

Hope this help.


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> Hi Everyone
> Please can anyone help me on "How to set up a coral tank" in as less
technical jargon as possible. I have to set up an experiment on measuring
fluorescence from coral zooanthellae so if any one has any info on measuring
fluorescence using a P.A.M I would be very grateful
> Thanks

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