How to set up a coral tank

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May I also direct your attention to our books "The Modern Coral reef Aquarium" in
connection with setting up a reef tank?  Please have a look at

cheers from norway
Alf J

capman wrote:

> I agree with James Wiseman that forums such as can be a great source
> of practical information on how to maintain corals in captivity.  Other very
> useful forums are the Reef Central message board:
> as well as the ReefKeepers listserver (one of the Topica lists...sorry, I
> don't have their main web site address handy at the moment).
> While these are not primarily scientific sites but rather groups of hobbyists
> sharing information (much of it anectotal, unfortunately), many of the
> participants on these discussion groups are VERY skilled in reef aquarium
> husbandry.  They might not always know WHY the techniques they use work, but
> often they know what DOES work and what doesn't work.
> Also, if you are new to reef aquarium husbandry, I would *highly* recommend
> you get (and study) a copy of "The Reef Aquarium, volume I", by Delbeek and
> Sprung, which I think is about the best, most comprehensive introduction to
> reef aquaium systems and reef aquarium methodology that I have seen.
> Also, on my web site I have a brief overview of reef aquarium metholology that
> you might find useful as an introduction.  While this was put together first
> and foremost as a general overview to help my general biology and ecology
> students better understand the reef system we have in one of our teaching
> labs, several folks have e-mailed me to tell me they found it to be quite a
> useful overview.  Go to:
> ,then click on the "List of special topics", and go to "The biology and
> methodology of reef aquaria".
> I hope this helps.
> Bill Capman
> Augsburg College
> Minneapolis, MN
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> >I would encourage you to visit for information on setting up a
> >coral tank.  Specifically, our library of articles and online chats on
> >setting up reef aquaria (
> >
> >The site is geared toward advanced marine hobbiests, but based on your
> >request the information there (how to set up a successful reef aquarium "in
> >as less technical jargon as possible" sounds just like what you are looking
> >for.
> >
> >Hope this finds you well, and is of some help to you,
> >
> >James Wiseman
> >
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> >> Hi Everyone
> >> Please can anyone help me on "How to set up a coral tank" in as less
> >technical jargon as possible. I have to set up an experiment on measuring
> >fluorescence from coral zooanthellae so if any one has any info on measuring
> >fluorescence using a P.A.M I would be very grateful
> >>
> >> Thanks
> >>
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