Bali/Japan - one wish compilation

Robert van Woesik b984138 at
Tue Nov 7 01:58:12 EST 2000

Dear all,

I will compile an anonymous list of responses to Bali/Japan - one wish,
I am just going to wait another week until everybody has had a chance to
settle back
into normal life. I think Ove set a good standard by sending his remarks
to my email but also to the coral-list. So far the responses have been
broad, from cheap
free flowing coffee (indeed vital) and more social events to a complete
reshuffle of the venue. The idea of a multifaceted approach to
scientific paper access is logical, and will probably be common place in
4-years time (i.e., internet, CD, paper), but to go beyond that and have
all presentations connected to webcams and recorded (indefinitely) as
mpeg files (internet accessible from a homepage, that we can view at a
later date, and use for seminars, workshops, etc. etc.), well, there
lies a challenge.

Rob van Woesik

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