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Sir Nicholas Nuttall breef at bahamas.net.bs
Tue Nov 7 12:30:06 EST 2000

As a member of the Bahamian team who went to Bali to bid for ICRS X , I
back up Mrs. Armstrong's remarks that most  coral are situated near poor
countries, whose populations "coral scientists should be trying to
reach." We
need your expertise to illuminate our conservation efforts.
ICRS IX was wonderful and the message that the reefs were in dire
trouble was
picked up by the press.  I saw articles in  Newsweek and the
Herald Tribune.  However such an expensive exercise could be organized
produce a  more lasting impression.  Having most of the coral "brains"
in one
place surely creates an opportunity for discussion, , reporting and  the
dissemination of advice.
My dictionary of English Etymology says the word Symposium is derived
from the
Greek for fellow drinker.  A symposium, it says is a drinking party,  a
convivial meeting for discussion or a meeting for discussion.  It refers
Plato's dialogues in which Socrates and others discuss the nature of
Sounds like a good idea.  Lets have an old fashioned symposium  in
Tokyo. As Jim
Bohnsack correctly commented in his presentation, most of us a driven by
love for the threatened beauty of the reefs.
Can ISRS arrange matters so that  the papers,  presented beforehand,
become the
foundation on which a "convivial  meeting for discussion" is based?
Our organization's locally focused mission is, To improve the symbiosis
the Bahamians and the reefs which protect, nourish and enrich us". ISRS
me as being potentially very powerful and  it can effect human/coral
relationships profoundly on a world scale.
Nicholas Nuttall

Bridget Elliott wrote:

> I must agree with William Allison
> There are many of us in poorer countries that simply cannot afford the costs
> (not just the logistics) of attending international conferences. On the
> other hand, internet use is very widespread and accessible to a much larger
> range of people.
> Most coral reefs are situated in countries that generally have far less
> funding for conservation/research than developed countries, yet these are
> the very people coral scientists should be trying to reach. Web publishing
> would be a welcome alternative for those coral reef managers and scientists
> who cannot attend the conferences in person.
> Bridget Armstrong
> KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service
> South Africa

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