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Doug Fenner d.fenner at
Wed Nov 8 15:34:37 EST 2000

   I also like the idea of making the proceedings of this symposium
available in electronic form, CD and/or web.  People in developing
countries find the
paper published Proceedings prohibitively expensive, just as many students
do.  And libraries in developing countries do as well, so both scientists
and students there not only can't afford it for themselves, but also can't
find it in their libraries.
   Further, I suggest that instead of limiting the CD to the 400 papers
that can be accomodated in the printed proceedings, all who wish to have
their Bali papers included in the CD be allowed.  There may be many
additional valuable contributions that would not be disseminated to people
who could use the information.  One of the enormous advantages of the
Symposium and the proceedings is that they are so open to contributors, yet
the quality remains high.  The Symposium and Society have done a great job
being inclusive while maintaining quality, lets continue.
   Libraries that can afford it may continue to prefer the printed version,
since electronic versions can become unreadable after several new
generations of media (if the contents are not copied over into each new

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