Proceedings on CD and my wish

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Dear coral-listers, symposium attendants,

I do not think that we should discuss and decide on behalf of the 9ICRS
organisation committee.
Nevertheless, a CD in addition to the printed volumes (as planned) seems a
good plan to me.
Published CD's are not necessarily inexpensive. This is still the
responsibility of the committee. 
You save on printing and shipping but maybe not on other production costs. 
We should not speculate about prices. Many of us do not know about prices in
Indonesia and 
we probably should not just look at the difference between regular and
student symposium fees.

Hotel accommodation and renting conference space will probably not be cheap
during the 10ICRS.
A scheduled rest day would be a waste of time and money to many people with
tight schedules who come to the symposium 
to convene and not to relax. I thought that this discussion was started
because we did not have enough time
to attend all presentations.

best regards,


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> Onderwerp:	RE: Proceedings on CD and my wish
> I like the idea of the proceedings on CD so much I don't think we should
> wait for the next symposium. Like all other student participants at Bali I
> will not receive a copy of the printed proceedings. Proceedings only go to
> full participants, which means the they cost around US$250 (~AU$500!!),
> well beyond the budget of the majority of students. Given the value of the
> proceedings of previous symposia to my PhD studies, I think that students
> should be a priority group to receive proceedings in some form.
> What about pressing some CDs of the 2000 symposium for distribution to
> student participants who will otherwise miss out on this valuable
> resource?
> Just transfer the final manuscripts as they are submitted in MS word (I
> agree with the suggestion of non-proprietary formats such as RTF or HTML
> for any future CD publications, but the final manuscripts for the Bali
> symposium will be submitted in MSword anyway).
> To Rob and the Okinawa organisers:
> I noticed at Bali that attendances dropped during the last couple of days,
> and I knew of many who understandably took a day or an afternoon off to do
> some sight-seeing or relaxing. Perhaps a 5-day symposuim should be more
> like a 5-day cricket test match - with a scheduled rest day (straight
> after
> the conference dinner perhaps), with organised short field trips included
> in the registration fee (e.g. dive some nearby reefs, or visit an
> aquaculture facility or a local research centre). Many Bali participants
> didn't even leave the Nusa Dua complex except in the airport shuttle, so
> for them the location of the conference was irrelevent. If Ove's format
> was
> adopted for the bulk of the presentations, the scientific program could be
> fitted into 4 days with a rest/field trip day in the middle. I think it
> would be important for the field trips to have some scientific merit
> rather
> than just be for sightseeing, but some cultural element wouldn't go
> astray.
> Cheers, Danny
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