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Tue Nov 7 21:09:51 EST 2000

Dear List

Having played a role in the organisation of the Scientific Program for
9ICRS, I am reading the correspondence which Rob van Woesik has generated
with considerable interest.  I certainly agree with the sentiments that the
size of ICRS is now too large.  To help everyone in their deliberations,
perhaps a few facts are needed.

There were approx 1400 people registered in Bali plus local committee,
journalists etc.  In the months leading up to the conference, some 1550
abstracts were offered.  About 70 of these were withdrawn before the
conference, but we had to program 1070 oral presentations and just over 400
posters.  Although my final figures have yet to be confirmed, I believe that
approx 975 papers were presented orally with 375 scientific posters.  With
regard to the Proceedings which are being handled by the Indonesian
Organising Committee, even two volumes the size of the Panama Proceedings,
will allow only 350 papers to be published.

Many of the ideas being expressed via coral-list for electronic publication,
pre publication etc., I hope can be considered.  However, limiting the
number of papers given by individuals may also have to be looked at and any
new system which is brought in should not encourage the submission of papers
by persons who have very little intention of attending.  There is
considerable cost involved in programming and processing such submissions,
especially as when the organisers are not informed of the withdrawal.

Please also remember that there are many people interested in ICRS who do
not have access to high speed internet connections.  As an indication,
approximately 10% of those attending 9ICRS did not have any email contact
and therefore had to correspond by fax or snail mail, or alternatively had
to use another persons facilities.  A further 10% did not have access to the
Web particularly those in developing countries.  Nonetheless I hope that we
can make use of new technology and continue to progress.

I for one am really looking forward to Okinawa in 2004.


Dr. David Hopley
Chair, Scientific Program Committee 9ICRS
C/- CRC Reef Research Centre
James Cook University

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