The Reef Ranger Project in the Virgin Islands

Paula Morgan thompaula_2000 at
Sat Nov 11 15:58:17 EST 2000

Please email me information about your programs that relate to coral reef

We are a student-activist organization of 21 kids fighting to take care of
the last of reefs.  Can you assist us?

We are interested in starting a citizen's initiative to declare protection
of Caribbean reefs.

We are currently conducting transects on 3 bays, and monitoring water
quality there.  We have drilled core samples from the Ocean floor to study
sediment deposition near coral reefs.  We are also taking salinty profiles
near the bays where our local water & power authority have their outfalls
for r/o plants on the island of St. Thomas.

Please put us on your mailing list for email and snail mail.  Currently I
am studying at the University of New Mexico.

Paula Morgan, Director

The Reef Ranger Project, 232 Adams NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

email:  polly at

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