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I "second" Andy Hooten's ideas on ITMEMS II and a second Coral Reefs'
"sister" publication for addressing issues of applied management and
conservation.  It seems as though we need some "binning" of coral
activities and this might serve us well.

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Andy Hooten wrote:
> The issues raised in the recent threads about future Symposium and =
> publication ideas are obviously on many of our minds who attended the =
> 9th. I also recall the large attendance during the 8th in Panama (in =
> 1996), where many concerns were raised about the upsurge in popularity =
> and attendance-- especially among those interested in applied ecology, =
> monitoring, reef management, economics, conservation, tourism-- and all =
> of the other coral reef issues evolving around the basic science, and =
> that these might have frustrated many of the scientists attending who =
> wished to focus and debate academic issues.
> This time around, Terry Done's effort, with David Hopley's help, to be =
> inclusive of all these coral reef interests with an eye toward =
> integrating them is certainly to be applauded, as well as the efforts of =
> the Washington, D.C.-based Seaweb's work in helping to bridge the =
> communication gap between investigators, managers and the media.  But =
> given the sheer size of the conference and the number of participants, =
> it clearly points to so many being overwhelmed with information (as =
> noted in Alina Szmant's recent email, quoting the statistics from =
> Bernard Salvat's plenary presentation).=20
> It seems to me that the very first International Tropical Marine =
> Ecosystems Management Symposium (with the unwieldy acronym of ITMEMS) =
> held in Townsville, Australia in November, 1998 , could potentially =
> serve coral reef managers and related interests--to take the information =
> gained from the ICRS, and apply it in coral reef management, =
> conservation and economic, etc. contexts.  It is true that the very =
> first ITMEMS largely focused on reviewing progress to date of the the =
> International Coral Reef Initiative, but subsequent programs could be =
> incorporated to truly be the Symposium whose main focus serves coral =
> reef managers and related interests--applying the ever-increasing =
> information gained from the scientific meetings.=20
> Now an ITMEMS II is being planned for 2002, and perhaps this could serve =
> as the opportunity to begin an alternating focus--highlight the more =
> applied management and conservation interests for coral reefs? In short, =
> there could be a "summer olympics/winter olympics" analogy alternating =
> between ICRS and ITMEMS that could be synergistic, and possibly take =
> some of the load from any single, large symposium.=20
> I would also like to suggest that in the future, the ISRS consider a =
> sister publication to "Coral Reefs" that might allow refereed =
> publications specifically for applied coral reef studies and management =
> ("Reef Management"?). It seems that certain parts of "Reef Encounter" =
> have been moving in this direction over recent years, and a =
> complementary publication whose focus in applied work would be useful, =
> welcomed, and might help redirect management-related articles, thereby =
> reducing the increasing rate of overload (and rejection rate) for "Coral =
> Reefs".
> Perhaps in combination with the recent ideas submitted on Coral-List of =
> moving publications into electronic platforms, we could develop both =
> platform and symposium standards for our community of practice, and make =
> this increasing amount of information better balanced, processed, =
> peer-reviewed and edited, and in so doing, make it more digestible for =
> us all.
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