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Mon Nov 20 17:25:56 EST 2000

Good Day, everyone!

I am asking for information/assistance for coral reef curriculum for K-6 students, and a similarly styled curriculum for 7-12 grades.

I'm comparing a coral reef to the human body, and using large, colorful, banner-like flashcards that say things like "Blood is to humans what Ocean water is to the reef" or "Like the heart, Ocean tides pump fresh water over the vital parts of the coral reefs and other marine ecosystems." or "Like our human skeleton, corals grow on a limestone skeleton.."  Others I've already compared are sponges/liver, polyp tentacles to fingers, a reef to a high-rise.

I am asking for two things:  1) I need comparisons on other facets of the reef or human body and 2) I need a volunteer to check comparisons for authenticity on or before 12/1/2000.

The Reef Rangers will be conveying this information in a puppet show called "Coral City, Planet Ocean."  We hope to reach over 1000 island school children next summer and fall.

Are there any of you out there working with students?  We are longing to connect with any other students working to protect coral reefs.

Thank you for your assistance and consideration.

Paula Morgan, Director, The Reef Ranger Project
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