Sept/Oct cheque

Camilla Floros FlorosC at
Wed Nov 22 02:44:00 EST 2000

Dear Coral

Last week I deposited the outstanding cheque of R1630 for my Sept/Oct field trip. My apologies for it being so late. I have faxed through the deposit slip. Please confirm whether you have recieved it or not. The cheque for Nov. should be on its way.

keep well


PS. In a moment of total vagueness, I left my sampling transect (rusty frame with coloured string), which I believe Leslie has located for me. I will be up on the 10 Dec, so if you could hand on to it until then, I would be very grateful.

Camilla Floros
School of Botany and Zoology 
University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg
Email: FlorosC@
Suite 222
Private Bag x6
083 639 0940
033 2605104

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