2001 Coral Tissue Slide Reading Workshops

McCarty and Peters McCarty_and_Peters at compuserve.com
Fri Nov 24 15:43:18 EST 2000

Dear List,

Plans are underway to present additional 3-day Coral Tissue Slide Reading
Workshops during 2001.  These workshops will be held at the Registry of
Tumors in Lower Animals, George Washington University, Washington, DC. 
Each session is limited to five participants (using a 6-headed teaching
microscope).  Lecture and slide-reading sessions will cover basic histology
and histopathology, techniques for the preparation of coral tissues for
light and electron microscopic examination, coral anatomy and histology,
and coral diseases.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own histoslides for discussion,
if they have prepared any, and are expected to make a brief presentation on
their own coral research (physiology, symbioses, pathology, toxicology,
microbiology, etc.)  Scleractinian corals will be the primary focus, but
other tropical cnidarian groups can also be discussed.

Cost of the workshop is $150 for students and $300 for professionals, and
$35 for materials.  Fees, travel to/from and within Washington, meals, and
hotel must be paid for by the participant.

If you are interested in attending a workshop in 2001 and are not already
on the notification list, please reply to:

mccarty_and_peters at compuserve.com  DO NOT REPLY TO THE CORAL-LIST!

Further notices will be provided as plans progress.

Dr. Esther Peters
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