ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS - New journal announcement and call for manuscripts

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Fri Nov 24 18:03:07 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues!

I wanted to provide information to you about Elsevier's new journal, 
ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS, to be launced (first issue) early next year.  You may 
find out more about the journal at the website:  or by emailing or writing me or our 
Editorial Assistant.

Specifically, we are looking for manuscripts -- i.e., research;  theoretical; 
case studies;  invited reviews;  et al!  Please go to our new website (click 
on "authors' instructions" if interested in submitting), email us directly at 
"ecoindicators at" or email me personally and I will provide you 
with our new announcement and call for papers in either .pdf or hardcopy.  
Specifically -- as I know much work is being done in this area -- I would be 
enthused to see manuscripts using, e.g., coral reefs as indicators;  specific 
bioligical, chemical  or systems analyses (et al) as indicators of coral reef 
"health;" etc.  I encourage you to take a look at the members of our 
Editorial Board (website), and also hope you are excited at the arrival of 
this new Journal.  

Thank you for your interest.  Hopefully you will consider submitting a 
manuscript.  If you are also interested in serving as a reviewer, please let 
us know (we will need a CV and identification of specialty areas).


D. Eric Hyatt

Shauna Satrang
Editorial Assistant
607 Hemlock Drive
Windsor, CO 80550-5755
tel: +1 970 686 6447 
e-mail: ecoindicators at
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