Summary of Bali/Japan wish list

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Mon Nov 27 18:44:16 EST 2000

Dear all,

there were over 100 replies to the 'Bali/Japan one wish' (posted on the
coral-list November 1, 2000). I have summarized the replies in a 5-page
document. I  posted the pdf version of the file to Jim Hendee so he can
put the file on the NOAA website.   I have also placed the Summary on my
website (see link below). To locate the file on my website, scan the
left column and click on  Miscellaneous. The website is:
The file is available as a html file and as a pdf file so it is
compatible with all computers. To read the pdf file you will need
acrobat reader software, which is free at:

If you need the file in another format please contact me.

Best Regards
Rob van Woesik

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