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The following job vacancy for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's National
Wildlife Refuge System is currently posted on   for
current U.S. federal employees.  My apologies for the lateness of this
message, and for those interested who aren't currently in Government
service - or U.S. residents.

The National Wildlife Refuge System manages over 93 million acres (above
and below water) of U.S. natural resources with a priority on the wildlife
(terrestrial, freshwater, or marine) and the habitats they need to survive.
Two Florida Keys refuges (Key West and Great White Heron National Wildlife
Refuges),  managed out of the National Key Deer Refuge Headquarters,
contain roughly 365 sq. miles of marine waters within their administrative
boundaries and overlap with portions of the Florida Keys National Marine

This position entails monitoring the resources, working closely with Refuge
managers and advising on marine resource management of the Refuges, and
coordinating with staff and management of the Florida Keys National Marine
Sanctuary, state, and local agencies.

For more information, please contact Emery Hoyle, Deputy Project Leader,
National Key Deer Refuge at:
emery_hoyle at     - or call at 305.872.2239

 Vacancy Announcement
                           DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR


Vacancy Announcement Number: FWS4-00-167BY

Opening Date:  11/06/2000

Closing Date:  12/04/2000



Salary: $34575 per year - $54385 per year

Promotion Potential: GS-11

Duty Location: 1 vacancy at BIG PINE KEY, FL

National Key Deer NWR

Applications will be accepted from:

Applications will be accepted from current Federal employees serving under
career or career conditional appointment, candidates with reinstatement

eligibility, or candidates eligible for special appointing authority.
who are preference eligibles or who have been separated from the armed
under honorable conditions after 3 or more years of continuous

active service may apply.


Incumbent provides recommendations to refuge management regarding marine

resources management.  Collects biological data from field investigations
support of station or program function and performs technical analysis to

determine appropriate action.  Prepares graphs, charts, and reports
preliminary findings pertinent to the field investigations for use by
management.  Works with other individuals (professional biologists, general

public, and/or other agencies) involving marine management activities.

Qualifications Required:


As a basic requirement applicants must  successfully complete a full
4-year course of study in an accredited college or university leading to a

bachelor's or higher degree that included a major field of study or
course requirement in biological sciences, agriculture, natural resource

management, chemistry, or related disciplines

appropriate to the position.  Alternatively, applicants can meet

these qualifications by combining education and appropriate


To qualify at the GS-9 level:  In addition to the basic requirements,

applicants must possess 2 years of progressively higher level graduate

education leading to a master's degree or master's or equivalent graduate

degree - OR - 1 year specialized experience to at least the GS-7 level.

To qualify at the GS-11 level: In addition to the basic  requirements,

applicant must also possess one year specialized experience equivalent to
least the GS-9 level - OR - 3 full years of progressively higher level

graduate education or Ph.D or equivalent doctoral degree in a directly


In additional to your experience and education, other elements

such as relevant awards training, self-development, outside

activities, and supervisory appraisals will be evaluated as

indicators of your ability to perform the specific ranking

factors of the position.  To receive full consideration for this

position, your application must include concise information

regarding the quality of your experience.  When addressing the

ranking factors, identify the knowledge, skills and abilities

involved in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of your

current and past positions as they relate to this position.

Position Descriptions will not be accepted.

Knowledges, Skills and Abilities Required:

1.  Knowledge of theory, principles, and methods of marine biology and

2.  Ability to communicate in writing.

3.  Ability to analyze special problems related to field activities.

4.  Ability to communicate orally.

5.  Ability to work effectively with others.

Basis of Rating:

Rating will be based on an evaluation of your experience as it relates
to qualification requirements and on the knowledge, skills, and abilities

(KSA's) listed.  You should provide detailed evidence of the KSA's in your

application in the form of clear, concise examples showing level of

accomplishment and degree of responsibility.

Pay, Benefits and Work Schedule:


Conditions of Employment:

1.  The incumbent will be required to obtain and wear an official U.S. Fish

and Wildlife Service uniform.

2.  Incumbent must be able to operate a government-owned or leased motor

vehicle.  A valid state driver's license is required.

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