aquariums save reefs?

Les Kaufman lesk at
Wed Nov 29 10:19:47 EST 2000

One thing that aquarists should definitely be doing, is raising public
awareness of the plight of coral reefs around the world.  The current rate
of degredation of coral reefs is on par in scale and significance with 
any other global environmental catstrophe we are now facing, but most
important, it is the first to manifest itself unambiguously.  It is both a
terrible loss that can be at least softened, and a harbinger of worse to

The media is vast- newspapers, magazines, television, film- and at
minimum, all it takes is an avalanche of letters to editors to widen
awareness of an issue, and that catalyzes action.  With so many aquarists,
I am surprised that there isn't more of an organized resistance movement
driven by aquarists, constantly pushing the need for coastal and riparian
conservation, grassroots support for curbs on global warming, and for
leadership and flexibility in international negotiations by some of the
more recalcitrant participating nations....for example, the US? 

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