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Subject: Sea Grant-NMFS Graduate Fellowships
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 15:50:59 -0800
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>Subject: Sea Grant-NMFS Graduate Fellowships
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>The National Sea Grant College Program and the National Marine
>Fisheries Service have announced the second round of the joint
>graduate fellowship program in Population Dynamics and Marine
>Resource Economics.  The notice for this fellowship program has been
>published in the Federal Register on November 28, 2000 and can be
>accessed on the website at
>r&docid=00-30219-filed.pdf. ***
>1) Population Dynamics Fellowship Program- The fellowship will
>provide up to three years of support for highly qualified graduate
>students working towards a Ph.D. in population dynamics or related
>fields of study such as applied mathematics, statistics, or
>quantitative ecology.
>2) Marine Resource Economics Fellowship Program- The fellowship will
>provide up to two years of support for highly qualified graduate
>students working towards a Ph.D. in marine resource economics,
>natural resource economics, or environmental economics.
>In addition to their major professor, Fellows for both programs will
>be required to work closely with a mentor from NMFS who will provide
>data for a thesis, be available to serve on the Fellow's committee,
>and act as host for an annual summer internship at a participating
>NMFS facility.  Two fellowships will be awarded in each of the above
>two programs in  June 2001.
>The application deadline is February  15, 2001.
>Details of the fellowship program, application guidelines, and forms
>are available on the National Sea Grant Office website
>*** NOTE: The telephone area code listed in the Federal Register
>notice for the University of California Sea Grant Program is
>incorrect.  The area code has been changed from 619 to 858.
>Shauna Oh
>California Sea Grant College Program
>(858) 534-4440
>(858) 534-2231 (fax)
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