aquariums save reefs?

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Hi again from Texas Doug,

I would like to post a link to an editorial that I wrote on this subject for <>   The editorial is titled "The Ethics
of Reefkeeping Revisited."  I think this editorial sums up the issues that
aquarium hobbiests must struggle with.  The editorial is posted at:

In addition I would also like to share some thoughts on how hobbiests view
the economics of "coral farming."  I'm not going to repost any of their
messages here for obvious reasons (certainly the wrong venue for that), but
those that take an interest in the views of the hobbiests themselves may
want to have a look at:

Since the root cause of any impacts (be they positive or negative) to
natural reefs due to the aquarium trade is _economics_ and the economics are
driven largely by the purchasing dollars of American hobbiests, I think this
is certainly relevant.

James Wiseman
Winmar Consulting Services

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