coral reef monitoring in Martinique

Vanese Flood vanesef at
Tue Oct 10 11:10:13 EDT 2000

Hi Sophie,
Most of the Caribbean countries and Bermuda use
CARICOMP protocols for long term monitoring of sea
grass, coral reefs and mangrove areas.  These
protocols have been in use for some time now, and all
the data are collectively managed and used to gain a
greater understanding of long term trends.  They may
suit your needs.
I believe there is a web site for CARICOMP.  If you
can't find it, please write back and I'll see if I can
get it for you.
Good luck with your project,
Vanese Flood

--- sophie brugneaux <sbrugneaux at> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> My name is Sophie Brugneaux, and I work for the
> direction of environment
> in Martinique (French west Indies). We have a
> tremendous lack of basic
> information about our reeves and, because of growing
> human activities, we
> need in some ways to follow their health. 
> Therefore, I=92ve recently been
> charged to set up a long term reef monitoring
> program.  Locally our chance
> is to have a nice volunteer pod but we don=92t have
> any permanent
> scientist or tropical marine biology specialist. I
> found several survey
> protocols on the web (Reefcheck, AGRAA, GCRMN), and
> I would like to know
> if such experiment is actually implemented in the
> Caribbean and which
> method is used.
> Thanks for your help
> Sophie J. Brugneaux, Graduate in marine environment
> and 
> marine resources management
> Marine environment program manager
> Direction of Environment (DIREN)-Martinique
> sbrugneaux at
> Bo=EEte aux lettres - Caramail -
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