looking for data on nutrients in atoll lagoons

Dufour dufour at ird.fr
Sat Oct 14 06:32:12 EDT 2000

Dear colleagues,

I am collecting data on nutrients in atoll lagoons. I already have collected
some of them that are summarized on the attached Table. The aim is to study 
the nutrient status in atoll lagoons,  their variations, the causes of their
differences between atolls, and their role in controlling primary production.
This study follows other ones, on the same subject but restricted to the
Tuamotu atoll lagoons:

Dufour P. and B. Berland, 1999. Nutrient control of phytoplanktonic biomass in
atoll lagoons and Pacific ocean waters: studies with factorial enrichment
bioassays. J Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 234: 147-166.

Dufour P., L. Charpy, S. Bonnet and N. Garcia, 1999. Phytoplankton nutrient
control in surface oceanic water of the Tuamotu archipelago (south Pacific sub
tropical gyre). Marine Ecology Progress Series, 179:285-290.

Dufour P., Andréfouët S., Charpy L., Garcia N. 200X. Down regulation of
phytoplankton by low nitrogen and phosphorus availibility in atoll lagoons:
morphology does matter. Accepted (Sept 2000) Limnology and Océanography

If you have or if you know some published or unpublished data on atoll lagoons
nutrients, I will  be pleased to receive your references. Your data will be
used to complete  a data base and will  be synthetized in a comprehensive
review. If you agree with my proposition and if your contribution is
significant I will be happy to associate you to this magnificent paper! N, P,
Si, Fe and trace nutrients in their organic and inorganic forms are expected.
Accompagnying data, if available  will be welcome: geographical  position and
morphology of the atoll, water residence time of lagoonal waters,
meteorological conditions at the time of sampling, oceanic environment
(nutrients), water temperature, salinity, oxygen, ..., benthic substrate,
phytoplanktonic biomass, taxa, and production, others planktonic and benthic
communities. They should be useful in explaining nutrients variations and

The best way to join me is  via e-mail. And also, I will be in Bali, next
at the 9th Int. Coral Reefs Symp. Sure, I will be  at the minisymposium A2 and
you will easily recognized me thanks to my horrible french accent! And I also
expect to be in front of  2 posters  during the special  viewing time at 1700 
18:30 pm on Monday 23rd October at the Poster Area in front of the Nusantara
lecture theatres. These posters are entitled:
-  Bacterioplankton is a poor trophic ressource for the pearl oyster Pinctada
margaritifera; evidence from spatial distributions by Dufour P. and Torreton
- Spatial homogeneity in atoll lagoons of the Tuamotu Archipelago by Dufour P.
and Torreton J.P.

I look forward for seeing you


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