Acropora Growth Movie 2

Fabrice POIRAUD-LAMBERT fpl10 at
Sun Oct 15 09:29:30 EDT 2000

Hi all,

6 months ago, when I published my previous animation movie about a green
Acropora growth (25 days of growth, one picture per day), some of you told
me that it was great, and asked me to do it again with a longer period of
time : 90 days instead of 25.

So, here we go : I just took the needed time to move my home and my reef
tank, and I started, 46 days ago, to take one picture a day. The following
link ( gives you access to the
current step : 45 days of growth of a flat encrusted pink tips Acropora
small colony.

This movie goals are to :
- show how a flat colony starts growing and creating branches from scratch
- show how color evolves when the branches are growing
- show the growth rate difference between the "flat" shape and the final
branched one

After 40 days, the first lateral polyps appeared, and I expect the image
area to be fully filled in by branches at the end of the 90 days !

I'll published the third step (69 days of growth) in about 3 weeks, and
final stage in 2 months from now on.

Best Regards

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