Rigs to Reefs Program

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Tue Oct 24 00:11:40 EDT 2000

    My name is Drew Morris and I am currently a law student at the Penn State 
University, Dickinson School of Law. I am also an associate editor of the 
Dickinson Journal of Environmental Law and Policy.  I am doing research on 
rigs to reef programs, specifically the legislation S.B. 241 in California - 
the leaving of Oil rigs in the water as a means of preserving the artificial 

    I am beginning to gain a true understanding of the issues presented her.  
Although I am ignorant to most of the Biology involved, I have read (and 
attempted to understand) numerous reports of the Gulf rigs to reef programs 
and the positive environmental and ecological effects that the program is 
having.  I understand that the Pacific Ocean is a whole "beast" in and of its 
own, and very little study has been done on this topic in that geographic 
area.  I have some information on some preliminary studies regarding this 
subject, and as it looks now, both the rainforest analogy as well as the 
minimal scientific data avaliable makes it look like a positive environmental 
plan.  What do all of you think? I need some help.

    I have dug up the necessary federal and state statutes regarding the 
legal ability to do this kind of program.  It looks like it can fly from that 
standpoint.  I can not, however, find any case law regarding any kind of 
liability that can be imposed here, heck I can't even figure out what kind of 
legal problems can arise because the State is suggesting a "no-take" area for 
the fishes with the exception of a special scientific research permit.  

    As an active member of R.E.E.F., an avid scuba diver, and a "want-to-be" 
marine biologist, I am fascinated by all sides of this issue and want to 
present all sides of the issue fairly.  I hope that you can help me.  Thank 
you very much.


                Drew A. Morris
                reskudiver at aol.com
                527 South Pitt Street Apt. 16
                Carlisle, PA 17013

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