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Hi Everybody,

ABCNEWS has a report on the conference at:


"Coral Reefs Disappearing

Scientists Say a Quarter Killed by Warming, Pollution

Scientists recently determined that more than a quarter of coral reefs have 
disappeared in recent years. In the Maldives, shown here, up to 90 percent 
of coral reefs have been killed due to warming."

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>Most coral-listers are probably enjoying the
>conference in Bali right now, but for those of us who
>were not fortunate enough to get there, does anyone
>know of a web page that is providing day-by-day news
>and information from the conference? I=92ve checked the
>ICRS page (
>but the last entry on the "latest news" page is from
>October 20th. Any extra information would be great!
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