naive approach to saving corals

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Fri Oct 27 18:21:01 EDT 2000


I am an amature coral lover who had done an extremely small amount of
research while getting my B.S. in Biology.  On NPR today, I heard that 1/4
of all corals were dead and that we could lose them all within the next 20
years.  My first instinct to this was to get as many representatives of as
many species as possible in a tank in my home so that there is some
remainder while our oceans heat up.  Is this a horrible thought?  I am not
a big fan of the tropical fish trade  and I know that it would be very
easy for me to kill these creatures instead of saving them, but I want to
It would be nice to be able to map the entire genomes of these guys so
that in 200 years when things simmer down and our genetic technology sky
rockets, we could bring these guys back, maybe.

Anyway, let me know if I am thinking things that are ultimately
detrimental to corals.

Michelle Stuart

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