Introducing myself, and coralomorpharians query

Tim Pickering Pickering_T at
Tue Oct 31 00:04:27 EST 2000

Hello Coral-listers

Most of you are doubtless rather jet-lagged and conferenced-out 
right now, nevertheless I am writing in just to introduce myself as a
new member of this list, and to ask a question about identification 
of coralomorpharians.

My name is Tim Pickering, I am on the staff as Lecturer in 
Aquaculture at Marine Studies Programme, The University of the 
South Pacific, and based in Fiji.  Several others at USP are 
interested n corals, as you'd expect, and were in Bali last week.  I
am new to the field, and approaching the subject from the 
aquaculture end of things in response to increasing interest among 
our post-graduate students in coral ecology, aquarium trade, and

One postgraduate student from Vanuatu, Mr Kalo Pakoa, has 
begun a 1-semester project on coralomorph propagation, using 
specimens kindly supplied by Walt Smith International and referred 
to by them (perhaps loosely) as Discosoma sp.  Being complete 
novices at coralomorph taxonomy, my student and I just wanted to 
ask if anyone on this list could, off-the-cuff, let me know the names 
of the key people in that field, that we ought to make  contact with 
or obtain the published works of, in order to verify the name we 
should be calling this crittur.



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