Bali/Japan - one wish

Robert van Woesik b984138 at
Tue Oct 31 19:50:24 EST 2000


<P>Dear Bali participants,

<P>As most of you know, Japan is hosting the next symposium in Okinawa
in 2004.
<BR>I think we all agree that the Bali symposium was a great success, but
no symposium is perfect. While the symposium is still fresh in everyone's
mind, I thought to compile a wish list that may help us for the next symposium
(but only one wish per person). If you feel inclined please send me a <B><U>short,</U></B>
clear and constructive statement on 'something' that was missing at the
Bali symposium and that you would like to see at the next symposium. This
is not a compilation of a complaints list, rather I would appreciate statements
outlining the problem followed by a possible solution. Armed with this
list I can approach the various committees and organizations over the next
few years and make your requests a reality. No promises, but without your
input we can't (attempt to) improve these events.

<P>Best Regards

<P>Rob van Woesik

<BR>Dr. Robert van Woesik
<BR>Associate Professor
<BR>Department of Marine Sciences
<BR>University of the Ryukyus
<BR>Nishihara, Okinawa 903-0123

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