Proposed Expansion of MPA (Kaho'olawe Island Reserve) Hawai'i

Samantha . Whitcraft SWhitcraft at
Thu Dec 6 16:04:31 EST 2001

Proposed Expansion of MPA (Kaho'olawe Island Reserve) Hawai'i


The public comment period for the proposed Administrative Rules addressing
this expansion along with other conservation and cultural management
measures has been extended to Monday, December 17.

This extended comment period provides an opportunity for the public to
testify for the record about the rules and the Kaho'olawe Island Reserve. We
are hoping to hear from anyone interested in marine conservation and MPAs!
So please share you mana'o with us and/or forward this message to those who
might like to. A copy of the proposed new Administrative Rules (HAR 13-261)
can be viewed at the KIRC website 

The rules provide for two significant changes that are beneficial to marine
conservation for all of Maui Nui. These changes are...

1) the most protected near-shore areas in Zone A are proposed to be extended
from the 20 fathom isobath out to the 30 fathom isobath thereby:

-- providing a buffer boundary for the core protected area

-- providing increased habitat protection for resident monk seals and other
protected marine mammals

-- providing a larger overall MPA (marine protected area) by increasing the
amount of ecosystem protected 

-- protecting a predator dominated LMA (large marine ecosystem) that extends
from the shoreline out beyond the reef shallows and links with a
semi-protected pelagic system

 -- providing a larger core marine reserve set aside specifically for
traditional Hawaiian practices, subsistence fishing, and resources

2) a provision to re-establish a traditional management system by legally
establishing native Hawaiian kapu to provide flexible natural resources
management in the near-shore area including selected areas and subsistence
fishery temporary closures when necessary based on a combination of
traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) and western monitoring. 

The proposed new rules also provide for continued complete protection of
vital bottomfish stocks (considered to have the highest biomass and
diversity in the main Hawaiian Islands and comparable to the NWHI stocks). 

It is important that those folks who might wish to support these
conservation measures by  submitting written testimony (by email,
snail-mail, or fax -- attn: Ocean Resources Management Program) know that
such testimony is valuable and welcomed just as the voices of those who
oppose them are welcome to voice their concerns. If you have any questions
or would like further information about the proposed Administrative Rules or
the Kaho'olawe Island Reserve's Ocean Resources Management Program please
feel free to contact us directly at 808-243-5889 or at
swhitcraft at

Mahalo nui loa for your time, consideration and support,

Sam Whitcraft
Ocean Resources Manager
Kaho'olawe Island Reserve  
811 Kolu St., #201
Wailuku HI 96793
ph. 808-243-5889
fx. 808-243-5885
swhitcraft at
E lawe i ke a'o a malama, a e 'oi mau ka na'auao. (He who takes his
teachings and applies them increases his knowledge.)

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