Seasons Greetings, and a suggestion

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at
Wed Dec 19 08:16:20 EST 2001

Seasons Greetings, Coral-Listers!

	For those of you who plan on taking some time off for the
holidays, you may want to consider unsubscribing from coral-list and
subscribing to coral-list-digest (weekly digest) or coral-list-daily
(daily digest) during your time away from your email.  That would at least
reduce the number of email messages you'll have waiting for you when you
get back.  You could accomplish both moves in one message to
majordomo at by sending this text ONLY in the body of the

	unsubscribe coral-list
	subscribe coral-list-digest		; (or coral-list-daily)

	If you get a bounced message from majordomo that says in effect
you are not subscribed to coral-list, it may be that your email address is
a little different than what it was when you first subscribed (as in the
case where your incoming email would be forwarded from your old address to
your new one).  If that happens, drop me a line and I'll attend to the

	I hope you all have some wonderful holidays coming up!  Thank you so
much for your support of coral-list over the years, and I sincerely hope
that your coming New Year will be a happy, healthy and rewarding one.

	Sincerely yours,

	Jim Hendee
	coral-list administration

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