Egyptian SPAM from Hell

SMHoke at SMHoke at
Sun Jul 1 03:11:08 EDT 2001

Dear Fellow Coral Listers: 

      I have been viciously bombarded by SPAM today.   It all originates from 
a company called   which is an Egyptian "marketing" firm 
(a.k.a., "SPAM Factory").     

      This is very serious.   I have received THOUSANDS (I am not 
exaggerating) of unsolicited messages today.   I have been in contact with 
others who have been receiving these same asinine ILLEGAL messages (many of 
which contain viruses), and the one common thread seems to be that we are all 
in some way shape or form involved in the environmental movement and or 
research.  I'm a graduate student of marine biology, an owner and webmaster 
of an 
environmental web site, and a member of several environmental list servers. 

      Are other members of the Coral List receiving these SPAM messages from   And if so, has anyone had any luck in getting removed from 
the list?  I have contacted Starnet "Support" (ha ha) by e-mail, and even 
went so far as to telephone the Starnet office in Cairo Egypt to no avail 
(all I get is an Egyptian answering machine message, which I cannot even 
begin to understand).  I have notified my ISP as well.  Other victims of this 
SPAM scam tell me they too have tried in vain to get removed from the list.   
It appears to be a SPAM black hole of sorts from which there can be no 
escape.  This is a nasty one folks.

AND UNBELIEVABLY ANNOYING.  I realize this does not immediately pertain to 
coral research, unless of course anyone in your office or lab has to spend an 
entire day hassling with this (as I have done today).

S. Michael Hoke
hokes at
Graduate Student: Marine Biology
NSU Oceanographic Ctr.
National Coral Reef Institute  USA

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