Regional MPA Networks

William Gladstone wgladsto at
Tue Jul 3 04:02:18 EDT 2001

Dear coral-list

I am writing a review of regional networks of marine protected areas, and 
focussing on the development of a regional network in the Red Sea and Gulf 
of Aden as a case study with which I have been involved. I use the term 
'regional network' to mean a group of MPAs across two or more countries in 
a common sea area that have been proclaimed to conserve transboundary 
stocks and/or representative/unique samples of regional biodiversity, or 
for fisheries management.

As part of the review I plan to describe (a) existing regional networks of 
MPAs, (b) regional networks in preparation, and (c) proposed regional 
networks. I am currently compiling information and would greatly appreciate 
receiving information that anybody might have for any of these categories, 
including contact details for the relevant coordinating agencies.

To date, I know of existing regional networks in the Mediterranean, Wadden 
Sea, and Caribbean. I know of regional networks in preparation in the Red 
Sea and Gulf of Aden, Baja California-Bering Sea, and Orca Pass 
International Stewardship Area. And I am aware of a proposal for a network 
of MPAs in the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) region.

Thanks very much.

Bill Gladstone
Dr William Gladstone
Centre for Sustainable Use of Coasts and Catchments
University of Newcastle
PO Box 127
Ourimbah NSW 2258
Tel: (02) 4348 4123
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