MPA fees project

Elizabeth Halpenny ehalpenny at
Mon Jul 2 18:47:47 EDT 2001

The International Ecotourism Society, together with several conservation =
NGOs is gathering information from around the world on marine protected =
areas (MPAs) visitor fees, how they establish these fees, and how much =
they charge.  Members of the coral listserve who know of an MPA that =
charges fees, or is planning to charge visitor fees should send =
information about these MPAs to Elizabeth Halpenny at email: =
ehalpenny at (preferably before July 9th).  In a couple a =
months all research findings will be made available to MPA managers and =
conservation agencies.

Thanks for your time,
Elizabeth Halpennny
Nature Tourism Solutions
R.R.#2, Almonte, ON, K0A 1A0, Canada
Tel: 613-256-3219, Fax: 613-256-4862
Email: ehalpenny at
Temporary telephone (June - August 9, 2001: Main Brook, NF): =

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