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John R. Howe jrhowe at cwatercom.com
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Bruce - thanks for the lead to a nice site.   I just passed it on to my
sixteen-year-old niece who's infatuated with (and studying!) sea turtles.
The filename, however, is "NLINSLEY" (not "ninsley"), so.... (for the
benefit of coral-listers who got an error message) the full (correct) URL
is http://www.2xtreme.net/nlinsley (filename "nlinsley," not "ninsley").

- John

>In the category of "help is where you find it:"
>Thursday's NY Times had a little article that cited this --->>>
>Two philatelists have compiled 800 images of TURTLES at
><http://www.2xtreme.net/ninsley/> based on stamps from 154 countries
>and territories. The site includes links to other sites about sea
>turtles and philatical and other colllection stuff.
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