Need help with amphipod/mite roles in corals

EricHugo at EricHugo at
Wed Jul 11 13:21:52 EDT 2001

Hello list:

I am looking for people working on, or references about, amphipods or mites 
that are predatory or parasitic to coral or other cnidarian tissue, but 
mainly in Acroporidae.  

In particular, I have a few minor references alluding to such roles with 
Halacaridae,  Acarinae, Hyperia galba, Asteropontius corallophilus, 
Lichomologus spp., Psuedanthessiids, and Rynchomolgids.  However, the 
references are not terribly helpful other than merely making mention of them 
and a perhaps parasitic or predatory role with certain and apparently 
specific coral species. These are organisms for which I have very little 
knowledge of the source material available or even where to begin effectively.

Thank you

Eric Borneman

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