"Coral Calcium may be a life saver!"

Christopher S. Moses cmoses at rsmas.miami.edu
Sun Jul 15 21:24:51 EDT 2001

Dear List:

This was sent to me by a concerned friend and does not rank with threats
diseases or bleaching, but it presents what (at least to me) is a new threat
to reefs.  See the forwarded letter below.


From: "Liberty Management" <liberty at biz4u2001.com>
Organization: Bell Sympatico
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 07:03:23 -0400
Subject: Coral Calcium maybe a life saver!


I recently became a Proud Member of Liberty Management and Coral Connection.
I have been spending quite a bit of time learning everything there is to
know about Coral and it's amazing healing powers. Although I am in this for
the business, I am quite intrigued by what I have read so far.

I am Posting this for 2 reasons, one in the hopes that this product can help
some people in their every day lives. two because these products are not
cheap I offer you the possibility of being part of a growing business.

Please check out these Testimonials, they may change your life.


After you have read these and if it inspires you the way it inspired me then
you can learn more about the products and the opportunity below.



Richard Saumier

Proud Member of Liberty Management & Coral Connection

Part of the Liberty Management Success Team

liberty at biz4u2001.com

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