"Coral Calcium may be a life saver!"

GJ Gast gj at coralvision.org
Mon Jul 16 09:31:24 EDT 2001

>From elsewhere on the Coral Calcium producers homepages comes the bit 
below. We're not talking living corals, but beach sand (a lot cheaper, I 
suppose). Not too much of a direct threat, I'd say. 

I'm quite mystified why eroded skeletons from corals on Okinawa would have 
specific healing powers not found in other corals....... 

Cheers, GJ.

>From http://www.coralconnection.net/

Sango Coral: The coral that is used derives from the Scleractinia family. It is 
a natural product shown to be rich in minerals, above all calcium and 
magnesium. The coral is one of the oldest materials on the earth. Its origin 
goes back many thousands of years. The coral has since then survived the 
entire development of the earth and therefore it is not difficult to understand 
that the coral is something unique. 
Reefs Protected: Coral sand is collected from the sea off Okinawa where 
there is an abundance of Sango coral. Only the sand from the sea bed which 
is formed when the waves and tide erode the coral reef is collected. The 
health benefits derived from using coral calcium appear to be exclusive to the 
Sango coral found only around Okinawa. 
Coral sand is a pure natural product which contains substances which 
restore the natural properties of tap water in the space of just a few minutes. 
It supplies the body with a number of important minerals, including calcium 
and magnesium and prevents harmful metals from being absorbed. The 
calcium released from Coral Calcium is 100% absorbed as well! 

> Dear List:
> This was sent to me by a concerned friend and does not rank with threats
> diseases or bleaching, but it presents what (at least to me) is a new threat to
> reefs.  See the forwarded letter below.
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> Subject: Coral Calcium maybe a life saver!
> Hello,
> I recently became a Proud Member of Liberty Management and Coral Connection. I
> have been spending quite a bit of time learning everything there is to know
> about Coral and it's amazing healing powers. Although I am in this for the
> business, I am quite intrigued by what I have read so far.
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