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I am a researcher for an IMAX film production company called MacGillivray 
Freeman Films.  We're producing a film about coral reefs that will be 
released early in 2003.  We watched a U.S. PBS Nature documentary that aired 
in May 2001 called "Australia's Little Assasins."  That show contained brief 
footage of a coral that apparently shoots out toxic 'spears' to gather its 
prey.  We understand from PBS that the footage comes from a BBC documentary 
aired in 1992 called "New Guinea," filmed by Neal Nightingale.  While I am 
contacting BBC to get more info on the footage itself, I'm hoping someone in 
the coral world also saw the documentary, or is familiar with this species 
and can help me identify it and point me to where I might learn more about 
it.  Of course, if anyone happens to know anything about the footage itself, 
I'm all ears!  

I'll look forward to your reply and thank you for your help.  I've been 
watching the Coral-List for more than a year and have appreciated the many 
things there are to learn and the many people who care so passionately about 
the world's coral communities.
Best regards,
Janna Emmel
MacGillivray Freeman Films
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