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"Scientific Aspects of Assessment, Monitoring, and Restoration in Coral Reef


The Conference Proceedings of the National Coral Reef Institute's 1999
International Conference in Ft. Lauderdale are now available by order. This
is a Special Issue of the Bulletin of Marine Science. The nearly 700-page,
51 paper volume includes:

  * 13 papers on coral reef assessment
  *  5 papers on biodiversity and community dynamics of
       coral reefs
  *  5 papers on impacts and stressors to coral reefs
  * 15 papers on coral reef monitoring
  * 13 papers on coral reef restoration dynamics

Single copy, print version, including shipping charges (overseas by air
mail): $37.00 USD each. Prepublication orders for printed copies will be
honored until 15 August ONLY. If payment is not received on a submitted
order by 15 August, the order will be cancelled.

CD versions of the Proceedings are $10.00 USD, including shipping charges
(overseas by Air Mail).  CDs will be available beyond the August 15 deadline
for print copies.  The $10.00 pricing for CDs is only available to
Conference participants.  The price for non-conference participants is
$35.00 USD.

Orders must include format (CD or Print), number of copies, and full mailing
address of recipient.

Orders must include payment by check or international money orders made
payable to the BULLETIN OF MARINE SCIENCE.  Mail orders with payment to:

Prof. Samuel C. Snedaker, Editor
Bulletin of Marine Science
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, Florida 33149-1098

This pricing for printed copies will NOT be available after publication.

Any further questions should be directed to:
Sam Snedaker
Editor, Bulletin of Marine Science
BMS at

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