Coral removal and replacement during construction

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Thu Jul 26 14:13:03 EDT 2001

Aloha Garry:

I'm with the National Marine Fisheries Service in Honolulu, and manage
our Pacific Islands Habitat Program for NMFS.  I represent NMFS/NOAA on
the Cooperating Agency Team for a huge road project in Palau, being
constructed by the US under treaty with the Republic of Palau.
The Team conducts trips (two/year) to Palau as oversite to insure the
enviro measures we specified in the EIS are adhered to.  Our next survey
trip is Aug 6-14.

I've also had much experience with u/w pipeline installation, coral
transplanting and other mitigation techniques.
Please send me some specifics of your project; i.e. where exactly in
Palau, approx live-coral coverage along pipeline alignment, project
applicant, etc.  Also, is there any chance that you will be in Palau
next month?

Look forward to hearing from you.                John

John Naughton
Pacific Islands Area Office
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone:  808/973-2935x211
FAX:    808/973-2941

Garry Kershaw wrote:

> Hi all,
> I work for a construction company about to commence a  project in
> Palau (Belau) that involves some marine works including excavation and
> placement of a pipeline. Obviously in an area as unique as Palau,
> maintaining the exisiting environment during the construction stage is
> a high priority - not to mention trying to re establish some of the
> already damaged marine environment ( natural and man ) to allow people
> to continue enjoying the place.
> I have browsed your site to try to find some info on the relocation of
> coral and would appreciate any advice you may have.
> Our pipeline is approx. 300mm dia. and travels from the island to a
> depth of around 6 metres. This line is to be concealed when completed
> ie. remove coral heads, excavate trench, install pipe, backfill then
> replace corals heads previously moved. The exisiting coral heads are
> around 1 metre dia. with between 80 and 100% cover.
> Our target is to mimimise the damage and stress to the relocated coral
> and to the adjacent coral and marine life. We are also trying to re
> establish some of the coral that has been damaged by stormwater run
> off from the island and by damage from anchors and the like.
> During the construction stage we will be using a network of floating
> silt curtains to minimise the potential for damage due to dirty water
> runoff during rain events - but these will be our backstop - the aim
> is to limit and contain the dirty water on the island and not have it
> enter the ocean in the first place!
> I would be glad to hear from anyone who has been involved in similar
> projects or can point me in the right direction to finding the info I
> need.
> Thanks and kind regards.... Garry Kershaw
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