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Dear coral-listers.

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Edwin, no estoy suscrita en la red,  por favor pasa
este mensaje a mi

It seems that this year will be another bad one for
coral reefs.
I stayed all the month of July in Rota, Northern
Mariana Is. (Pacific)
and have noticed alot of bleaching, mostly  in
lagoonal reefs, and
particularly on Acropora, and also more dead corals
and algae 
in comparison with last year. 

1998 bleaching event did not affect these islands as
it did with the
South Pacific Islands, but it seems to be happening
now in  the whole
The government of the Commonwealth of the Northern
Mariana Is. (CNMI)
has warned the population with a note in the main

Water temperature is getting very high, particularly
in shallow-water
areas (reef lagoons, tide pools) where corals usually
settle and grow.
Low tides are also very low this month and shallow
reefs are getting
exposed and overheated for several hours each day. Hot
water flows out
through the fringing barrier reef, which is very close
to the shore in
these islands.

For more information, please contact John Starmer,
coral reef 
biologist at Coastal Resources Management, CNMI at
crm.biology at <mailto:crm.biology at>

Georgina Bustamante, Ph.D
Caribbean Marine Conservation Coordinator
The Nature Conservancy
4245 N Fairfaz dr. s. 100
Arlington, Va 22203
tel. 703-8415682
gbustamante at <mailto:gbustamante at> 

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