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Hello All:
The Curacao Sea Aquarium is available for research use.  The information can be found below.
Steve Piontek
  I would like to compile a list of marine labs in the Caribbean with good access to coral reefs that are available for use by researchers and educators. I would greatly appreciate it if those of you that manage such facilities could respond to this request with the information below. I will compile the answers and make it available all those who might be interested.

  Many thanks for your time!

  Alina Szmant


  Name of marine lab: Curacao Sea Aquarium

  Country/city located: Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

  Airport/transportation info:
  approx cost to travel to area from major US city (Miami, New York) 
   Daily non-stop flights from Miami on American and ALM, currently runnning $240

  Contact info for director/manager:  
  Steve Piontek, Director of Education, David van Bergen, Aquarium Manager
  PO Box 3102, Curacao, NA
  Ph. 0599-9-461-6666
  fax. 0599-9-461-3278
  aquasearch at

  Description of facilities: (web site URL): ) www.curacao-sea-aquarium

  Fee structure for visitors, lodging, meals, lab: (if not available on web site)
  Contact aquasearch at

  Number and size of groups you can accomodate: 
  1- 50

  Lab equipment and space available: 

  Running seawater facilities: 
  Entire aquarium complex is on an open system, aquaria from 200 gal up to outdoor pools could be made available

  Boat support and costs: 
  14 foot Zodiac, 18 foot Boston Whaler, 48 foot crew boat, must be operated by aquarium staff.

  Diving costs and availability: 
  Fully equipped dive shop on site, including equipment rentals, tank fills and instruction.

  distance to nearest healthy reefs: 
  2 feet

  types of reefs: 
  fringing, wall

  distance to no-take areas and marine reserves 
  The Curacao Underwater Park begins from the Sea Aquarium.

  distance to seagrass and mangrove communities 3-4 n miles

  Permitting procedures and limitations:
  contact info for responsible agency: 
  Please contact aquasearch at

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