Bush administration endorses MPA Executive Order

Charles Wahle Charles.Wahle at noaa.gov
Mon Jun 4 14:11:44 EDT 2001

Monday, June 4, 2001
(see http://www.doc.gov)

Statement by Secretary of Commerce Donald L. Evans Regarding
Executive Order 13158, Marine Protected Areas

Washington, DC - "The Administration has decided to retain Executive
Order 13158 on marine protected areas. America must strive to
harmonize commercial and recreational activity with conservation. We can

do both."

"This Administration is committed to improving conservation and research

in order to preserve our great marine heritage. It is a national
treasure. It must be protected and dutifully maintained.

At the Department of Commerce alone, the President's budget included $3
million in first time funding to support marine protected area
activities consistent with existing law. If approved by Congress, these
dollars can help us better manage this critical effort.

I also plan to appoint a Marine Protected Area Advisory Committee
comprised of key experts and stakeholders. The membership will include
academic, state and local, non-governmental and commercial interests.
The process will be open and will draw on America's great reservoir of
experience and expertise.

Past MPA designations like the Dry Tortugas in the Florida Keys were
successful because they followed a well-planned process and secured
grassroots support. The Dry Tortugas MPA offers a model for the years

Conservation can be balanced with commercial and recreational activity.
It is our stewardship responsibility. We will work with the Department
of Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal
agencies to safeguard our valuable coastal and ocean resources for the
tomorrows in which we all will live."

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