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Ben Fitzpatrick b.fitzpatrick at
Thu Jun 7 00:09:12 EDT 2001

Hi to all those interested Marine Scientists,
Here is a short note on the latest Australian Institute of Marine Science
Long-Term Monitoring trip, conducted on the Great Barrier Reef between the
1st – 16th May, 2001. During this latest trip the team, among other tasks
documented incidence of coral mortality.  

In the Townsville sector we completed manta tow surveys on nine reefs, with
Rib Reef and John Brewer Reef supporting large populations of COTS and
classified as actively outbreaking. Five reefs in the Cape Upstart sector
were also surveyed with low numbers of COTS recorded on Jacqueline Reef and
Bowden Reef, while five reefs in the Whitsunday sector were surveyed with
juvenile COTS found on two reefs in very low abundances. A comprehensive
summary of this data can be obtained from our monitoring webpage. Further,
interesting photos of coral mortality/diseases encountered are also included.
The results of detailed benthic video, fish visual census and vectors of
coral mortality (SCUBA search) surveys, completed on nine reefs in the
Townsville sector and two reefs in the Whitsunday sector, will be available
 within the next Long-Term Monitoring of the Great Barrier Reef Status
Report. Prior issues of this are available upon request. Any questions or
comments are greatly appreciated as too would any correspondence with
regards to incidence of coral mortality/disease on coral reefs that others
may have encountered recently. Looking forward to hearing from you all,



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