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Sun Jun 10 13:03:09 EDT 2001

Dear Coral listers,

Not being an ISRS member, I strongly encourage consideration of this

The potential value of the public having direct on-line access to precisely
this type of information cannot be over-estimated.

If you want to increase your society's contribution, help people to inform,
educate and cultivate themselves.

                            sincerely, regards,

                                    Shaw Thacher

Shaw Thacher, Project Manager
Atlantic CoastWatch

Sustainable Development Institute
3121 South St., NW
Washington, DC 20007

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> Dear Coral listers and ISRS memebers,
> Knowing that I may be entering rough waters, with all due respect to Dr.
> Done and ISRS members, and not knowing what kind of problems are causing
> delay in the publication of Coral Reefs and what sort of negotiations are
> being worked out with Springer-Verlag, isn't it perhaps time to
> how the society should publish its journal (Coral Reefs)?
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