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Hi All,

Sorry about the delay, the first posting did not come through because of the
large attachment, please view the announcement on the web.  The announcement
will be open for two more weeks.


The Virgin Islands / South Florida Prototype Long Term Ecological Monitoring
Program is now advertising for an Ecologist / Database Manager, please see the
announcement on the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) website
( for all details.  The major duties will include
standardizing the many datasets and databases collected by the program,
assisting in data collection, and gearing up our GIS and RS capabilities.  The
position is a GS-11, with 22.5% Cost of Living Adjustment (which is not taxable
by the IRS).  If you know people that are interested, please encourage them to
apply.  There are a few things to remember:

1)  Applicants must be US Citizens
2)  Applicants must have 200 dives and database experience
3)  Applicants MUST follow the directions very carefully, one form needs to be
sent to Georgia.
4)  As you may be aware, OPM is very particular in their ranking, applicants
need to be explicit in how their qualifications match up to
     the job description.  The individuals ranking the applicants will not have
biological backgrounds, so be explicit !
5)  DO NOT SEND APPLICATIONS TO ME, as mandated by law I have to throw them
away.  I will receive a ranked list of applicants
     from OPM, so please be very careful when applying.

Good Luck


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