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Further to Tim's message, please note that my email address is now:
raronson at
You can also reach me at my "old" email address, which was mistyped in the
message.  It is: raronson at
ISRS welcomes inquiries about and applications for subsidized
memberships. Following is text from the ISRS Society Page in Coral Reefs:

Prospective members with legitimate needs are invited to request limited
financial assistance with the ISRS membership fees. To make a request for
financial aid, please send a letter of no more than one page by post or
email (email preferred) stating the the reason for the request to the
Corresponding Secretary.  The deadline for requests is March 1 of each

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On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, CRCP wrote:

> Mike, Terry and others,
> The attempt to get more subscriptions of the journal "Coral Reefs" to
> developing countries was partially successful by the establishment of the
> "Sustaining Members" category a few years ago.  The money raised from this
> membership category is used for subscriptions and scholarships, largely for
> developing world students.  Individuals who would like reduced membership and
> the journal can do so by writing to Rich Aronson
> <raronson at jaguar!>.  Individuals who would like to see these
> activities happen should pay the sustaining membership fee every year.
> The number of Sustaining Members has vacillated around ten individuals since
> its inception in 1998 which probably generates less than $500 per year.  This
> is far too few to offer more than a few reduced memberships and the free
> distribution of journals.  I would also like to see a small grants program
> develop from this fund.  For this to happen more people need to join under this
> membership category to increase the money available for these types of charity
> activities. Please become a sustaining member so we can do more for the
> countries with the reefs that we love.
> Tim McClanahan
> Mike Risk wrote:
> > Terry (and others):
> >
> > I hesitate to enter this debate because, like most debates concerning coral
> > reefs, it has already been done elsewhere...
> >
> > I certainly understand that, without ISRS subscriptions, there would be no
> > Coral Reefs. Journals published by professional societies generally give
> > good value. On the other hand: Coral Reefs is a rare bird, in that it
> > contains papers written largely by those of us in the developed world,
> > describing an ecosystem that is largely owned by the Third World. There are
> > few journals, and few professional societies, sharing this distinction.
> >
> > At Ginsburg's 1993 (?) meeting in Miami, on Health, Hazards and History of
> > Reefs, this very aspect was brought up, and pursued with some vigour by
> > those of us who work in lesser-developed nations. Tim McClanahan took the
> > matter further, and suggested to the publishers of Coral Reefs, and to
> > Council, that ISRS somehow acknowledge this state of affairs. Memory fades,
> > but I think some of the ideas suggested involved things like issue
> > donations, a two-tier price system, etc...basically, the response was: No.
> > No way to get there from here.
> >
> > This stands in contrast to the attitude taken by Inter-Science, publishers
> > of MEPS: a much more expensive, much more highly-cited journal than Coral
> > Reefs. They recently offered to donate entire back issues of some of their
> > journals to any deserving developing nation-one need pay only the shipping.
> > In describing the offer, the publishers spoke eloquently of the difference
> > between "them" and "us" in access to the literature, and of their desire to
> > alleviate this. Because of this magnanimous offer, I was able to ship
> > perhaps $30,000 in back issues to our partner university in Indonesia:
> > several marine journals, including MEPS.
> >
> > When I see this sort of thinking emanating from ISRS Council, I will know we
> > are in good hands. As a starter, I suggest Council bring to the membership a
> > resolution along the lines that each subscriber to Coral Reefs pay an
> > additional annual levy ($50?). This money would be used to pay for extra
> > copies of the journal-at publisher's cost-to be shipped to educational and
> > research institutions in the Third World. This would be a wonderful PR coup
> > for the Society. The extra levy could be designated a "charitable donation",
> > and hence a tax deduction. Win-win.
> >
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For directions on subscribing and unsubscribing to coral-list or the
digests, please visit, click on Popular on the
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