9th ICRS Proceedings Update

Terry Done tdone at aims.gov.au
Mon Jun 25 01:14:47 EDT 2001

The following additional information and changed advice about the location 
of the Figure captions in relation to the figure is to be added to the 
layout instructions on www.nova.edu/9icrs.  The default position for the 
Figure caption is below the Figure, not above it.  Sorry, my error.

Terry Done

Further information from Kasim Moosa, Editor in Chief, added June 24 2001

1. We have no objection for multi-author paper of at least 4 to have up to 
10 pages (maximum).

2. Contrary to earlier advice, figure captions should be printed underneath 
the illustrations as far as possible. (Please look at a recent issue of 
Coral Reefs for examples)

3. The final format will be A4

4. Figures can be submitted in hard copy (glossy photo plate), electronic 
version or both. The last mentioned procedure (both) should be better, just 
in case.

5. The cost to have colored figures printed in the proceedings is US $ 600 
for the first page and US $ 300 for each additional page.
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