sharpnose puffer tumors

Julie Ekstrom jekstrom at
Tue Jun 26 12:39:40 EDT 2001

>Greetings Coral List,
>While diving in Bonaire this month I noticed small white growths on 
>several Sharpnose Puffers (Canthigaster rostrata).Through casual 
>survey I found that 50-80% of this species had similar growths. The 
>tumors appear pale or white in color, and are slightly raised bumps 
>to bulbous growths. On affected fish the spots were present on the 
>body and/or fins.
>Is this common in other areas in the Caribbean? Has anyone else 
>noticed these growths, and if so, is it anything to worry about? I 
>have spent nearly 75 hours underwater in Bonaire over the last 4 
>years and this visit was the first time I observed the growths.
>Any information is appreciated
>Thanks in advance,

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